A podcast to inspire big thinkers to break their limiting beliefs and unleash the legend within.


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About the Podcast

Hi, I'm Hollie and here's my WHY:
β€œTo inspire people to let go of limiting beliefs so that they can unleash their inner legend and live the life they were intended to.”

There have been so many impactful people I have had the honor of connecting with and I created this podcast to capture those conversations and help you unleash your inner legend.

Unleash Your Inner Legend is a podcast that interviews modern day legends where they chat about their choices in life, habits, routines, and mindset that got them to live the life they do. Sit down with Hollie and guests as they break down these principles that made their life legendary. Are you ready to get in the minds of great people so that you can unleash your inner legend? If so, this show is for you!


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